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HSC Sussex Winter Counties 2015 Qualifiers

 Craig Steenhoff
Craig Steenhoff
Head Coach 

All swimmers will have to meet the required standard in their log book before progressing into the next group. Complete the relevant assessment record sheet and set targets with your Coach to ensure progression. All assessment sheets must be signed by the Head Coach.

Performance Squad Log Book 

All swimmers in Performance squads are expected to keep a log book to record their training sets & competitive swimming achievments . Your Log Book is provided on joining the group and is reviewed by the Head coach on a regular basis in the feedback sessions. 

Perfomance Squad - Feedback Sessions Calendar Sep 2016- Aug 2017

All swimmers in Performance squads will have a feedback session with the Head Coach every 4 weeks. Check which group you are in to confirm dates of your feedback session on the attached Calendar.

Swimmers time record sheet
This sheet enables you to log all your personal best times on one summary sheet.
Download HSC
time record sheet

Swimmers time record book
This booklet contains information about the ASA Award scheme, and useful links for competitive swimmers. There are record sheets within the book to keep a log of all the race times achieved. Print off your own copy, or the additional pages as and when required. 

Download PERFORMANCE time record book