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 Debs Barden
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Streamline, Stroke and Stamina
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Hornets Groups Criteria & Assessment Records

To ensure that swimmers are progressing at their own pace targets can be set with your squad leader or the Head Coach. All swimmers will have to meet the required standard in the attached criteria before progressing into the next group.

Hornets Swimmers time record sheet

This sheet enables you to log all your personal best times on one summary sheet.

Hornets Swimmers time record book

This booklet contains information about the ASA Award scheme, and useful links for competitive swimmers. There are record sheets within the book to keep a log of all the race times achieved. Print off your own copy, or the additional pages as and when required. 

Stroke group awards

To encourage younger swimmers to achieve targets we have introduced the following awards:   

Stage 8, 9, & 10 awards - These awards are designed to complement existing awards gained whilst learning to swim and to build on swimming skills prior to starting competitive swimming.  

The Competitive Start award - is to ensure our young swimmers are able to make safe racing starts into shallow water from a starting block along with a variety of starting techniques. This award must be held before using a starting block at any gala (including club championships).

1000m Distance Award - This award is designed to motivate swimmers to swim longer distances and will aid them prior to their move into the Stamina group.

Your coach will give you a slip once you have achieved these awards and they can be purchased on poolside from the Badges & Certificate Co-ordinator – Philippa Goldsmith
 at a cost of £2.50 each.

Please use the form below if you have misplaced your coaches slip:
Stroke Award Record Sheet