Group structures

Performance Squads 
These are the top competitive swimming squads with highly motivated swimmers, striving to improve performance. Swimmers will maximise their performance in training and compete regularly, reaching County standard or further. Swimmers show commitment to training and personal development.


(1)     County standard or higher
(2)     Commitment to competitions
(3)     Represent the club to the highest level
(4)     Develop understanding of nutrition and anatomy/physiology   

Squad Leader: Head Coach, Craig Steenhoff

Assistant: Colin Golding

Masters Squad
Senior Squad swimmers are at a high standard, but cannot commit to the high training schedule required in Performance Squad. This is the club's Masters group.

(1)     To enjoy competing and performing well
(2)     To develop technique and speed
(3)     To encourage participation of all ages
(4)     Commitment to competitions and representing the club 

Squad Leader: Head Coach, Craig Steenhoff

Development Group
The Development Squad contains swimmers who are developing their technique and speed to a competitive level. They show enthusiasm in learning and are highly motivated to improve. 

(1)     To develop swimmers to a competitive level
(2)     Swimmers willing to learn and develop technique to a high level
(3)     Represent the club when required
(4)     Progress within the swimming club

Stamina Group
The Stamina Squad is swimmers who are primarily developing their stamina, progressing to a level where they can swim efficiently and effectively for a long period. They show enthusiasm to develop their swimming technique and skills. 

(1)     To develop the stamina of swimmers
(2)     To encourage participation in club championships and galas
(3)     To develop understanding of stroke technique
(4)     Progress within the swimming club

Squad Leader: Debs Barden

Stroke Group
The Stroke Group contains swimmers who have met the assessment requirement for the Club. The key aim is to introduce effective technique for all strokes, to improve the swimmer’s efficiency within the water. 

(1)      To develop effective techniques on all strokes
(2)     To meet ASA Diving into water standards
(3)     To enjoy learning and developing swimming skills
(4)     Progress within the swimming club 

Squad Leader: Debs Barden

Streamline group contains young swimmers who have not quite met the entry requirements of the club, and who have brothers or sisters already in the club. Swimmers will work towards meeting the entry requirements and improve water confidence.

(1)      To improve water confidence
      To work towards the club entry level requirements
(3)      To enjoy the experience of swimming

Teacher: Deb Barden