Guide to Competitive Swimming

British Summer National Period                       

Swimmers should be looking for as much exposure to Long Course Level 1 competitions in order to gain times for qualification to the British Champs                    

SE Regional                                    

Qualification times are published and must be achieved at Level 1-3 meets                     

County Competition                     

Long Course                Spring usually in February
Short Course               Winter usually in October
Specific dates are announced nearer the dates.            

A key focus for the Club with swimmers trying to qualify in as many events as possible to maximise their opportunity to swim and achieve points is as many events as possible.                    

Sussex League                              

An unlicensed County competition. Swimmers are selected by the Head Coach for these 3 galas in May and June.
Hailsham is currently in Division 1 having been promoted from Division 2 in 2015.

Arena League

A licensed Inter-County competition. Swimmers are selected by the Head Coach for these 3 galas in October, November and December.

Hailsham entered this competion for the first time in its history in 2017, and following our successful season were promoted to East Arena Division 1.

Long Course Training                             

To be held mainly on Sunday's at K2 Crawley pool, but also special training camps to be organised across the year.                   

The long course training sessions will be focused on different groups of swimmers at different times, they will not be open to all swimmers.

Please follow the links below to view future open meet gala entry forms:

Follow the link to Biographical Data - 'results and rankings, to obtain your swimmers times from previous open meets. These times should be entered on your enty forms and meet with any qualifying times. 

To convert your times from short course to long course or vice versa use the following link, be aware that these convrsions are a guide only. Ensure you note any conversions as such on your entry form.

Unless a closing date has been extended by the Clubs Meet Managers or the Head Coach,

Competitions/Training Camps 2018

 Event Date

 When GREEN Click on meet for entry forms           (Entry forms  will be prepared when hosts have released relevant information)

 Entry Closing Date &
Accepted/Rejected Entries &
Any other information

 2018  2018  2018
24/25 Feb Sussex County Champs (LC) K2 Crawley  Qualifiers - Mon 22 Jan 2018
9th-11th March Wycombe District L1 Open Accepted entries
10th March  Crawley SC Alice D 'B' Grade Timed Gala  Coach Selection - HORNETS ONLY
17th-18th March Atlantis Regional Qualifier L1 Open Meet, K2 Crawley  Accepted Entries
24th March  Sussex League Round 1 @ Littlehampton (Crawley)  Head Coach Selection
25th March CPD Day   
30th March-1 Apr Beckenham Open, Level 1 Meet - Olympic Pool  Acceptd & Rejected entries
6th-8th April Crawley Spring Open Level 1  Weds 7th February 2018 6pm
15th April Littlehampton L3 Easter Meet  Weds 7th March 2018 6pm
22nd April East Grinstead L3 Sprint Meet @ K2 Crawley Accepted entries
28th April Sussex League Round 2 @ Hailsham (Atlantis, Beacon)  Head Coach Selection
5th & 6th May Black Lion Spring Open Level 3 Meet Weds 7th March 2018 6pm
5th,6th & 7th May South East Regionals 15+yrs Venue TBC  Qualifiers
12th & 13th May South East Regionals 14yrs & Under Venue TBC  Qualifiers
19th May Sussex League Round 3 Venue & Teams TBC  Head Coach Selection
26th & 27th May  South East Regionals 14yrs & Under Venue TBC  Qualifiers
09th June 2018 Crawley SC Airtech 'B' Grade Relay Gala  Coach Selection - HORNETS ONLY
24th July British Summer Champs Ponds Forge, Sheffield  Qualifiers
3rd November 2018 Crawley SC 'B' Grade Trophy Gala   Coach Selection - HORNETS ONLY

Accepted entries
Please follow the links above to view open meet gala accepted entry details -

  • Please check the event information for your child carefully and report any discrepancies as soon as possible.
  • Please ensure that you are aware of the applicable warm up and sign in times for each gala.
  • Please DO NOT take large bags onto poolside at any open meet gala. Locker tokens are available from Team Managers


 Hailsham Winter Invitational Meet 2018 Distance & Sprints 20 Jan20 Jan
Brighton Tom Handley L3 Meet 13-14 Jan 2018
City of Derby LC Open, Sheffield 13-14 Jan 2018
Littlehampton L3 Splash Arun Pool Felpham Sun 7 Jan 2018Sun 7 Jan 2018
 HSC Club Champs Session 9 Sun 10 Dec
 Rushmoor Royals Level 3 Long Course Open 2/3 Dec  - Awaited
 Atlantis L3 Meet SC 25 & 26 Nov 17
 Hastings L2 Open 19th Nov
 Eastbourne L3 Open Sun 8 Oct 
 Lincoln Vulcans- Sheffield L1 LC Sat 7 Oct- http://www.lvsc.co.uk/live_results_2017_l1/index.htm
 Crawley Liz Hartley L3 Long Course 30 Sep
 Cambridge L2 Meet 
 Littlehampton L3 Open –  24 Sep
 Sussex Masters & Senior Age Group Championship 17Sep
 Club Champs & Hornets, Sessions 7 & 8, Bedes (SC) 16 Sep
 Club Champs & Hornets, Session 5 & 6, Bedes (SC) 09 Sep
 Hastings Terry Fitzgerald L3 Meet (SC) 08-Jul08-Jul
 Mike Pashler Invitation Meet L4 Bedes (SC) 01-02 Jul01-02 Jul
 Crawley Summer Spetacular K2 Crawley (LC) 18 June18 June
 London Swimming 2017 May Open Meet (LC) 27-28 May27-28 May
 Black Lion Level 3 Meet 29/30 Apr Results Awaited
 Team Luton Open, Luton (LC) 15-16 Apr FOLLOW LINK
 Littlehampton Easter Open, Felpham (SC) 09-Apr Full Results
 Crawley Spring Open, K2 Crawley (LC) 7/8/9 Apr  Full Results
 Guildford L1 Meet, Surrey Sports Park (LC) 24/25/26 Mar  Team Results
 Atlantis Meet, K2 Crawley (LC) 18/19 Mar  Results by Event   Results by Team 
 Millfield Super Series, Millfield (LC) 17/18/19 Mar Full Results
 Edinburgh International Meet, Edinburgh (LC) 10/11/12 Mar  Friday Results  Saturday Results  Sunday Results
Tom Handley Open, Brighton (SC) 14/15th Jan - RESULTS with Splits - RESULTS No Splits  - TOP Club Points
City of Derby Open, Sheffield (LC) 14th/15th Jan - http://www.coderby.co.uk/results/lc17/
Boro of Waltham Forest, London Olympic Pool (LC) Sun 8 Jan - Session 1 - Session 2 - Top Boy - Top Girl - Top Club
Hailsham Swimming Club 6th/7th Jan - HSC Winter Duel Meet
Guildford City Level 3 Meet 4th Dec 2016
Black Lion Open Meet 26/27 Nov 2016- AWAITED
Rushmoor Royals L3 LONG Course County Qualifier 26th Nov 2016 Session 1  Session 2
Rushmoor Royals L3 LONG Course County Qualifier 27th Nov 2016 Session 3  Session 4
Black Lion L3 Open Meet 26th & 27th November 2016
Guildford City L2 Winter Champs 19th & 20th Nov
Hastings Santa Chaser L2 (25m) 19th November 2016
Millfield & Taunton L2 SC Meet 29th & 30th Oct
Lincoln Vulcans L2 SC Meet 22 October 2016 Session 1  Session 2  Session 3
Eastbourne Open Meet L3 9th October 2016  -  Session 1    Session 2
Crawley Lis Hartley - 1st & 2nd October
Luton Open L2 24th & 25th Sept 2016
Littlehampton County Qual 25th Sept 2016
Brighton Ken Deeley 10th Sept 2016
Hailsham East Sussex Invitation Meet 27 August 2016
Hastings Terry Fitzgerald Open 9th July 2016
Bognor Vanessa Knight Memorial 29th May 2016
Black Lion Spring Level 3 Meet 30th April & 1st May
Luton SC Long Course Meet 16th & 17th April
Crawley Spring Level 3 Long Course Meet 9th &10th April 2016
Littlehampton Easter Level 3 Meet  3rd April 
Guildford City Springboard Level 1 Open Meet 1st - 3rd April 2016
Portsmouth Easter Festival - 24th-27th March
Atlantis SC Level 1 Open meet at K2 19th & 20th March 2016
Wycombe Dist SC Level 1 Open Meet 12th March 2016
Redhill & Reigate L3 Meet - 17th Jan 2016
City of Derby L1 Open Meet - 16th & 17th Jan 2016 
Brighton Tom Handley Meet 9th &10th Jan 2016
Boro Waltham Forest L3 Meet - 3rd Jan 2016
Littlehampton Splash into 2016 L3 Meet- 3rd Jan 2016
 HSC Winter Champs Dual Meet 13th December 2015
 Rushmoor Royals L3 Open Meet 5th Dec 2015
 Bournemouth County Qualifier L3 - 28 & 29 Nov 2015
 Hastings Santa Sprints L3 Meet - 21st Nov 2015
 Guildford City SC L2 Open Meet - 21st & 22nd Nov 2015
 Eastbourne Level 3 Open Meet - 18th October 2015
 Crawley Lis Hartley Long Course Level 3 3rd & 4th October 2015
 Littlehampton County Qualifier 27th September 2015
 Borough Waltham Forest County Qualifier - 27th Sept 2015
 Ken Deeley Sprint Gala - 12th September 2015
 Sheffield City 12th Annual Open 29th August 2015
 Swim Wales Summer Open Meet 23rd - 29th July 2015
 Rushmoor Royals Summer LC L3 Open Meet 11 July 2015
 Sussex County Development Gala 21st June 2015
 Vanessa Knight - Bognor - 24th May 2015 (Morning)
 Vanessa Knight - Bognor - 24th May 2015 (Afternoon)
 Black Lion Spring Open Meet 2nd May 2015
 Bedes Prep School Gala - 27th April 2015
 Beacon Gala - 25th April 2015
 Crawley Spring open meet - 18th and 19th April 2015
 Potters Bar open meet - 31st January 2015
 Portsmouth - 11th and 12th January 2015
 Littlehampton - 4th Janaury 2015