Our Club Championship gala’s are an ideal introduction into competitive swimming for our younger or inexperienced swimmers. They also provide valuable race experience for all our club members, along with the opportunity to swim a mixed programme of events throughout each year. Our club championships are level 4 licensed galas, which means times can be used for county level qualification, all times will be registered on the rankings at British Swimming. https://www.swimmingresults.org/biogs/

2018 continues to see the joining of the Club Championships with the Hornets Gala's. We see this as a great opportunity for our younger squads to experience competition swimming in the relaxed environment of our home pool. They will be able to meet swimmers from other groups and perhaps pick up some tips from the Performance swimmers! In the middle of each Club Champs sesssion (except session 9) there is the opportunity for the Hornet swimmers to enter the Hornets galas, for those who are feeling more confident it is acceptable to enter Club Championship events as well as or in place of Hornets events, providing no more than four races are entered from the days events. Performance swimmers are not eligible to enter Hornets Gala events.  

We actively encourage all our swimming club members to take part, whatever their ability, and swim group. For many, once they overcome their first gala nerves, they then get a taste for racing. These galas are fun and friendly events, enjoyed by swimmers and spectators alike. To compete in each Club Championship gala there is an entry fee of £2.50 per event, and Hornets Gala's attract a fee of £1.00 per event, these fees go towards the costs of running each competition.  

Club Championship swimmers are awarded points for every race they compete in, which accumulate throughout the year towards age group championship. Medals and ribbons are awarded on the day for the top six swimmers in each age group and trophies are presented to the top 3 individuals, in each age group, at the annual presentation evening / barn dance.

Hailsham Swimming Club is holding five Championships galas this year over 9 sessions and these all take place at Bedes School Pool. 

Anyone who has attended a gala will know that these events cannot go ahead without the help of our Parent volunteers. We need a minimum of 25 parents to run a gala, anyone who is interested in helping will find our team of volunteers will be happy to 'show you the ropes'  There are several areas to help in from selling sweets to marshalling the swimmers, timekeeping and officiating or even helping out on the computer. Don't be shy, come and join the 'Yellow & White shirts' on poolside, just ask one of them and they will point you in the right direction.

HSC Club Championship Gala Full Programme & Conditions 2017

 Entry forms Club Championships 2017 - Incorporating Hornets Gala's

Session Number:             Date:                                     Closing date                   Programme or

Warm-up Times or

 Session 1 & 2  4th March 2017 23rd February 2017
Hornets Results               

Champs Results             

Score Sheet
 Session 3 & 4 10th June 2017 25th May 2017  Hornets Results Champs Results Score Sheet
 Session 5 & 6  09th Sept 2017 24th August 2017  Hornets Results Champs Results  
 Session 7 & 8  16th September 2017 31st August 2017  Hornets Results  Champs Results  
 Session 9  10th December 2017 23rd November 2017  Hornets Results  Champs Results  

Date: Results:
Session 1 & 2
 Saturday 21st May Event placings and times: CLICK HERE
Session 3 & 4  Saturday 11th June 2016 Event placings and times: CLICK HERE
Sessions 5 & 6 Saturday 17th September 2016 Event placings and times:CLICK HERE
Sessions 7 & 8  1st October 2016 Event placings and times: CLICK HERE
 Session 9  10th December 2016 Event placings and times: CLICK HERE

Results 2015

Session Number: Date: Results:
 Session 1 & 2  Saturday 13th June  Event placings and times: CLICK HERE
 Session 3 & 4  Saturday 19th September  Event placings and times: CLICK HERE

Session 5 & 6
 Saturday 10th October  Event placings and times: CLICK HERE
Session 7  Saturday 12th December  Event placings and times: CLICK HERE
 Scores: To be announced at PRESENTATION EVENING

Hailsham Swimming Club Championship records

For a summary of all the club records held by swimmers gained at a club championship events, follow the link below:
Club Championship Records